eBooking System

Are you looking for a time-saving way to manage your bookings? You can manage your booking from a few mouse clicks.

The Cargo Services ebooking portal provides an easy way for shippers to create bookings online. For shippers no matter large or small, the ebooking Portal provides the solution for them to manage the entire booking process which includes the submission of Shipping Instruction, and attach supporting shipping documents such as packing list and commercial invoice.

Advantages of the Cargo Services ebooking portal:

Simple to use, and available 24 hours a day

Your bookings automatically saved as templates for re-use, eliminating the need to retype recurring data

Fast turnaround: your booking reference will be received via email, shortly after booking has been made

Shipping instructions can be submitted right after booking has been confirmed

Fully integrated with the back-end freight operation system, an instant booking reference number is generated

Vessel and sailing details will be confirmed with booking confirmation

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