Ocean Freight


Tailored made logistics, we work closely with our customers. We analyze, plan, design and provide a tailored made logistics for each customer that are optimized to meet its needs and to its internal scheme of handling exports or imports.

The requirements of customers are often represented by a simple request, “ Smooth and Trouble-free, with competitive cost.”

We work with overseas partners to create and maintain open communication with shippers or consignees overseas, in order to avoid possible obstacles which might hinder the smooth flow of the shipping process.

We work closely with our customers, to take much of the work burden off of their shoulders, by undertaking the documentation of sales contracts, invoices, packing lists, negotiation with banks under Letter of credit, applying for Certificate of Origin, License, and correspondence with consignees overseas, on demand.

International Transportation by Ocean (FCL and LCL)

Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

Ocean Export Cargo Consolidation

Pick-up & Delivery

Customs Clearance Export/Import

Export Packing

Warehousing & Inventory Control

Arrange Marine insurance


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